Monday, 5 January 2015

Clarification on parts

I think it would be appropriate to share why some of my parts do not look like they were purchased or even made to original spec.

Due to budgeting reasons I have decided that purchasing parts that can be manufactured for less is not in my best interests. This has lead me to create detailed drawings of the chassis and various components so that I can get them made to size for a lot less than if I were to purchase it outright.

The two sections on the sides of my chassis were made from a CAD template by Falbar near where I live. These parts fitted perfectly in place and I would like to say thank you to Falbar for these excellent parts.

I also had lots of box section channels made to the sizes related to the TR chassis, so that if any bits needed replacing I had pieces of metal ready to put in place, as well as some to fit inside for reinforcement.

All the parts were galvanised too, so to prevent further rust. I only had to remove it for welding and make sure to treat the bare steel at a later date

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