Monday, 8 July 2013

Picture dump of dismantling stage

This is a sort of picture dump done at significant points, contemplating making a time-lapse video...

Bonnet off, starting point with lots to do!

Shiny bonnet soon to be quick release

Air filter box off easy peasy 

 Grill off, easy access to front of car.

 Spots off, stainless steel bar is a pain and may have to be bent upwards

 Ignition coil off.

 Alternator hanging on by a thread, or wire.

 Looking Bare

 Cooling drained and disconnected

 Radiator out
More junk removed
 Decided to leave the carb and joint manifold untouched until a later date as cables look fiddly, job for another day.
 Carb and manifolds now live above the bonnet, resting on some wood
  Engine all degreased and cleaned using everyones favourite degreaser: Gunk.
Lots of things missing. Preparing for painting in situation masking paper all over
 Final spray setup

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