Thursday, 6 February 2014

Exhaust Catastrophe!

Driving down near Milton Keynes I had lots of weight in my car, and may have hit a speed bump to fast, dislodging my exhaust. A few miles down the road me and my brother notice the engine sounding slightly louder than usual, after pulling over the exhaust dropped right off the car upon rolling onto an embankment, leaving me in the following state:

(Brother in high vis vest, RAC yet to arrive...)

Careful inspection of the photo reveals there may be a problem with the exhaust.

Below are images of the mountings that where torn when hitting a speed bump, quite obviously not from fatigue my only thought is that they have been torn.

This is the y pice where the exhaust had managed to come loose in the end resulting in it dropping off. A minor blow can be seen at the bottom of the picture, will be a bit more liberal with the Firegum next time.

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