Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Exhaust Catastrophe Part 2!

On the way to harrogate I was subject to torrential rain, I could not see a thing out of the front windscreen other than the blur of rear lights in front of me. Driving along suddenly the car jolted as I hit a puddle, obviously my exhaust must have dislodged itself once more as I found the next day during the Auto Solo that after a few races (which could only have aggravated the problem) that my exhaust had once again fallen off.

After the day was done I wheeled by car to the tent and begun work.

I managed to slot the exhaust in place and smear some borrowed fire gum all over the join but there was still a large blow at the head/manifold join. I decided that I would have to fix this at home.

Incase the exhaust once more dislodged I supported it by attaching it to the subframes with wire coat hangers acquired from the clothes store and made my way home.

I had barely made it half a mile before I stopped at Sainsbury's for some ear plugs.

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